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You don’t want to do a tour on a path you don’t know on your own without a professional briefing? Are you familiar with switching, balance, braking, driving uphill, driving curves, recognizing dangerous parts? Do you know the correct driving position? How do I act in an emergency? We organize and recommend a professional bike guide.

Unser BikeGuide nahe eines Gipfels Rennradtouren in der Toskana

Unterstützung beim Befahren eines Bike Parks Unterstützung beim Befahren eines Bike Parks

Richtiges sitzen am Rad beim Springen Unterstützung beim Befahren eines Bike Parks
Who we are?
Rindfleisch Reisen Innsbruck/Tirol thinks that the journey to the best mountainbike downhill parks should be as comfortable as possible and also bike-friendly. Thanks to our 75 years of experience in transportation we can offer the best service for you and your bike!
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